Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 5 Causes of Injuries

Recently a couple of gym members had to restrain themselves from weight training due to the minor back injuries. Although that was a very uncommon thing to happen in Revolution Gym, not to mention that those 2 members are pretty well informed on the aspect of injury prevention, I figured I need to bring this matter up seriously to avoid it from happening again.

Here are the top 5 causes of injuries!

1) Failed To Warm-Up.

It's plain and simple however still a lot of people fail to spend 10 MINUTES out of their workout duration to perform this. Walk in to the gym, get the cardio equipment and warm up for 5 to 10 minutes until you start to sweat and that's all.

2) Failed to Stretch.

Another unpopular thing among the all-time busy gym members is stretching. Studies show that shortened muscles perform weaker, slower and have a higher incidence of injuries. However big muscles require strong, lengthened and healthy tissue. So why on earth would you skip this process? Not just stretching prevent injuries it also maintain healthy specific joint relationships, greater joint angles and accelerate recovery.

3) Training Too Often.

This is probably one of the most common misconception about weight training and muscle building. People who never gone through any workout program under the supervision of an experience trainer would have think that the more they workout the quicker the get the result. What they do not know is working out too often is actually the fastest way to over train and fall into injury. Give yourself an ample rest to make sure your body are fully recovered.

4) Inappropriate Weights.

Even though heavy weight lifting is essential in building muscle mass, however you must remember the word 'heavy' here is actually controlled by the two factors which are compromising your form and the risk of injury. As long as you can keep yourself in good form, meaning the right posture, the right muscle isolation, the right range of motion and the right support you're all set for the weights that you have chosen. Remember to wear lifting belt when necessary!

5) Failed to Take Adequate Nutrients.

Most joint problems, such as arthritis, tendinits, and bursitis, can be reduced with natural compounds that can save you from aching joints and years of pain. Some supplements which contain flax oil may help reduce inflammation in the joints while Glucosamine is essential for the prevention and treatment of cartilage degeneration.

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